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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm back.......again. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm just way too lazy and slow on the reaction to post events that I want or toughts that I want. So what have passed since my last post, hmmmm, the notable ones are my birthday, way's birthday and the redang trip. Ok, post pictures to share with you guys for the next post. (Hope i won't dissappear......for long, hehe)

Its kinda crazy that I slept until 2pm today man, don't mind the time that I slept off late, but rarely happens that i sleep until 2pm, maybe its the tiredness of cleaning the house and air-cond effect. Had a nice dream also, hmm dreams don't really happen to me. Reality is so much different from dreams, it would be nice if dreams are real.

Looking at the time, I'm don't even think of going out for my lunch, all the shops are closed by now, nothing left. What shall be my lunch har? Someone deliver lunch to me la. Find food later la.

So what have i been up to lately? Nothing much really but I've been having basketball sessions at least once a week for the pass 3 weeks. It really feels refreshing after playing basketball, whole body sweats. Maybe its the mind playing games that i feel healthy after playing ball. LOL. Hope this sessions wont be a '3 minute hotness' thing, really need to manage my weight la, I'm 21 only and my side ways are scary lo. Imagine me at middle age doing nth about my weight. LOL, scary. Hey, you without weight problem also should exercise, people nowadays are not healthy at all, busy with lifes errands. Put time for yourself.

Ok I'm getting hungry, biscuits here I come. Until the next time people.

Have a nice day.

2:35 pm

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