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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sorry la people, dont spam my cbox for updates, was having assignments, assignments and assignments for the past 3 weeks. My brain power is like almost zero now. Exhaustion - I need a life besides facing the comp 24/7 reading facts and data. Finally I'm FREE from assignments, for this semester at least. But I shall not slack now, finals are in 3 weeks time. But for now to my kakis: Oooi, futsal, basketball, any sports man. I need to feel energised again.

Jared a.k.a Xiao Xun came over to my place to do financial reporting assignment yesterday. Everyone was struggling to complete this assignment, reading through those accounting standards. FRS 101, FRS 102, FRS 116, bla bla bla. Something interesting happened during 10.30pm last night when the both of us were reading and discussing which points and notes should be included.

The monitor suddenly move left and right, things on the whole comp table was also weaving left to right, my butt on the chair felt movements left to right as well, this movement lasted around 3-4 seconds. I turn and looked at xiao xun, he at the same time looked at me as well. Both of us just blurted out the words: 地震! Both of us were stunned at the moment, seriously it freaked me out as I didnt expect in my life that I will feel tremor of earthquakes in Malaysia what not my house. I quickly surf the net for news on earthquakes but seems like nothing is shown in the news websites.

After the stunned period, Xun told me at first he though I was the one who was shaking the tables on purpose but after he felt movement on the chair, he only knew it was the tremor. The tremor felt was due to the 6.1 Richter scale earthquake at Sumatra. This is damn scary man after the Sichuan province earthquake, so many people have died. Mother earth has fallen sick, so many natural disasters happening. Hope such thing do not happen any more. Hereby I send my condolence to all those affected by the quake.

Actually I only knew about the quake after listening to the radio on the way to class. Brought to you by Bernama (ah~) Bloomberg (yeah~) Rueters (check it out~). Those that listen to would understand, haha.

After completing all assignments for this semester, Zee Wui, Mui Gee, Xun and I felt so stress free. Xun was very eager to make a small 'celebration' for being assignment free. So we decided to just go for lunch at 1U, xun said there was some buffet that he wanted to try. Zee Wui and Mui Gee that hang at 1U often have no idea where was xun trying to bring us, so we just followed the leader.

We reached this place called 'Seoul Garden', a buffet Korean bbq restaurant (If you wanna find this place, walk straight towards the end after wong kok, don't head toward the old wing.)
ZW, MG and I was like WTF? Why is there a restaurant at this place? This restaurant was so hidden, its near the path heading towards One World Hotel. After checking out the price which offers student price from 11am-4pm at around RM25 inclusive of tax that comes with free flow of drinks, we went in. After sitting down then I gave the restaurant a name, 电话饭店 with aircond.
Went and explore on what they served. They a variety of marinated chicken, beef and fish and a variety of clams. I would recommend the teriyaki chicken, tomyam chicken, shechuan chicken and the spicy beef, cant really remember the beef name. LOL.
One thing that I like about this restaurant is the free flow of drinks. Though not fruit juice, at least they have nestea lemonade, blackcurrent and greentea with the combination of soft drinks. Besides that they have ice blending machine over there to make your own ice kacang man.
Being conventional, we would be making ice kacang. But hell no, the 3 guys, Xun, ZW and I made our Murni Style blended. Haha, I called the drink below, Lemonade Special (Murni style ma). Content: Watermelon, nata de coco, seacoconut, blended ice and lemonade.

Assorted marinated meat
Xiao xun posing with the meat i picked. LOL
The griller with Seafood Kimchi soup in the middle
Mui Gee - She is not grabbing all for herself ok, she is just the cook for the day. Preparing the meat for us as we guys are lousy grillers (burnt). But at the end I learned the skill from her and cooked. Thank you, Sifu.
Mui Gee: Sir hows the meat?
Zee Wui: Hmm, I would like it 13.4568% more cooked.
LOL, just kidding guys.
Xun, kept stealing peoples meat in the grill and me.
Oooi Xun balik india la wei! What you doing there, light bulb r?(A joke among us)
Xun and the couple
We end our meal with ice cream as desert.
You see this 2 you also know how full they are. LOL

We sat there from 12.30 until 3.15 man, so imagine how much we ate. All the stress of assignments was released at this eating session. Thanks Xun for bring us there.

End of post, until the next time peeps. (haha, and I dont know when will be the next update =P)

10:55 pm

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