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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just came back from sending my mom to a hospital in Klang (Sri Kota Specialist Medical Center) She will be having an operation tomorrow on her left shoulder. She dislocated her shoulder since young but was ok up until last year where she always complains that it is pain. Starting the doctors though it was due to frozen shoulder because all the while she could use her hand normally. Its kinda weird la for someone to use the hand properly even thou its dislocated. LOL my mom so keng. HAHAHA.

So tmr she will have some metal thing put in her shoulder. I hope everything will be find after that. The doc told my mom dont expect it to be 100% cured. But the pain will not be there anymore. She still wont be able to lift up her hand 180 degrees.

All the best in your op Mom.

2:47 pm

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why peace? Who doesnt want peace? (Me not saying bout war) The peace I'm mentioning here is about human to human relationship, such as friendship, boy-girl relationship, family and etc.

Was going have a gathering at Fyi's place tonight but due achieve PEACE the location was changed to genting klang steven corner (*ah hem* noob what a place to gather). One person's need is greater than the group is what i can say for this gathering. There will be NO NEXT TIME of such occurance. The harmony and happiness of gathering will be damn dull this time for sure just by looking at the venue and our moods towards this gathering after the 'debate'. Just don't understand why there is people in this world like that. If you don't want to come then don't come, time and time again lame excuses comes out. This time everything is adjust to meet the needs, no excuses could be given anymore.

LOL i sound pissed. Inside me it is somehow but it wont affect me meeting up with other friends. HEY PEACE MAN! CRAP ENTRY! BYE!

2:31 pm

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