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Monday, March 24, 2008

It has been raining everyday for the pass few weeks. Thunderstorm every evening. The weather has changed a lot from what it use to be. Wonder would it be related to the environment problems such as global warming and stuff like that.

So today was a typical day like days for the pass few weeks, evening thunderstorm again. =.= The storm is so loud, even indoors u can feel a slight tremor. LOL. So i was having classes until 6.30pm today, the rain is very bothersome to all the students. Zee Wui only manage to reach home 9.30pm last week. WTF? Lucky me I'm not staying places that needs to pass by KL. I reached home around 8pm last week, still bearable.

Todays rain was very heavy, it even flooded nearby to the block where I was having classes. WTF? OK la the place is a slope normal for it to flood at the lowest point but a Volvo was stuck in the flood. LOL (evil) Zee Wui and I have been parking illegally along the road side for every class on Mondays coz its easier to leave the place and head home. Zee Wui parked near the flooded area, wanted to fetch him and mui gee to their car but i saw the Volvo I also dun dare to pass the water already. Lucky for them they found a way out the place.

Thinking of the rain so heavy, definitely need at least 1 hour plus before I could reach home. Fetch Rich back to the main block then saw bangsar was kinda empty, I was thinking weird normally this place is packed with cars during this hour. Nvm just go ahead, reached MV empty as well. Heard the traffic report on radio by now, major flash floods at the city center. Damn I so feel like driving in to MV and have dinner b4 going back by now, thinking that the jam will make my leg break (manual la~). But changed of mind and headed the direction back home.

Federal highway, talking to self: "WTF? empty? weird. Aiya surely will jam at amcorp mall that part"

Amcorp mall, talking to self again:"hmmm...why I could still speed at 110km/hr at this part, aiya surely jam starts from Hilton"

Hilton, self talk again: "Free of jam for a raining day? no way man, surely jam at Jln 222 bridge."

Jln 222 bridge, i was like WTF?????? no JAM and my speed of 110km/hr didnt drop once I hit federal.

Even subang was empty heading back to shah alam. I guess all the cars were stuck in the main city and couldn't get out to federal. LOL. What a day, driving was so nice, driving at federal as if was like CNY holiday or Raya holiday. Even the traffic lights was nice to me, green light all the way back home.

I hope every Monday trip back home after class would be that stress less. It would definitely make me happy every Monday if it is so.

P.S. My longest entry ever for my blog. LOL

11:25 pm

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