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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Damn i just found out that the settings on other ppl's comp if its not 1280 x 1024 my skin will look damn yucky. As im using 1280 X 1024 and more of the ppl are using 1024 X 768 it make my skin sucks. WTF!!! i also dunnoe what to do now. I need to get a photoshop to edit the background now ARGH!!!!

Found a good quality MV of hyori. Hehe enjoy!

1:56 am

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally im complete with my own creation(the blog skin). After reading lots of instructions, I found out the HTML is not very hard actually. It was only at the beginning I dont understand what the hell are they trying to tell me. This is the outcome of my work. I think there is still some improvement that i need to add to this skin, but mayb some other time. Now too tired and bored of doing it already.
LOL =)

I missed my lunch because of this skin, keep doing until forgotten about my hungry-ness. Wahaha finally got a hyori skin that I like. Hehe!!
She hot!!!

Got to know my mid term macroeconomics results today, zee wui called me. Damn i only got 13/20 so low, surely did something wrong at the essay part. During exam that day already feel weird about the answer and question. The score shows the weirdness. Got to do the econ assignment properly to maintain my average score. ARGH!! Hungry now, go find some food. Ciao!

6:51 pm

Monday, July 23, 2007

This place is full of dust, 2005 until now? WTF??? hahaha

What makes me come here to blog again? Seriously i dont really know, just have the sudden urge to post some stuff. Maybe im here just to release stress after 2-3 weeks of exhaustion of reading and doing assignments. Who cares why im here anyway.

OK lah, give you people that came here know some updates. Since 2005 until now maybe i gain a few KGs, grow a few cm taller, waist expand 1 inch, have a bigger appitite, changed a few kinds of hairstyles along the years, became a bigger lamer. (means living happily la) LOL=) crap like hell up there, ok serious stuff.

Recently i find out i have got a lot of new things, a new bag, new hair style, new specs(going to get), new bed and mattres. It is not that i suddenly kena jackpot la. Is all the things broken already thats why i need to change except for my hair. Hair really too long already that time. My sling bag gave away the week before my mid term exams, was forced to use my old backpack to go for the exams. Got a new nike sling bag, the birthday present from my dearest. The specs broke on saturday when i was taking it off from my eyes. *PIAK* gone my specs is totally KO-ed. Cant really read in class today, got to make a new pair of specs tmr. Its kinda hard for a person like me without specs, it is so dangerous to drive around i cant really see clearly when the sky is dark. Those headlights are too strong for my eyes. Thats it for now. SEE YA!

9:12 pm

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