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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Boring!! No one to chat with!!! Way balik kampung d, liangko not on9, i think he go makan dinner at relatives place, jx away-miss call me when dota. So its kinda bored now!!! Don't know where she went, suddenlly close msg box. BORED!!

Last night, i went to telephone shop makan with my gang of friends, jx even brought his gf along. LOL but never introduce to other ppl 1, terence and melissa scold him he only slowly intro to those us. LOL. This time Zhi Xin also went along. LOL. I reach there late coz of sis tuition,i sit there not even 5 mins i already started sweating, stupid steam and wind. The wind was blowing to my direction, damn!! Everyone was having a nice time eating, long time never go out in a big gang d. She was a bit angry at me last night.(I'm sorry) Luckily its ok after that.

I found out that im kinda selfish sometimes, i have changed from what i used to be. I don't really get mad easily last time but now a little small matter i will get mad already. Not only this thing that i have change, a lot other things also. DAMN!!! Why is this happening? i'm not very sure, i hope i can find out the answer. ARH!!!!

11:31 pm

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