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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Very the sien ler, nth to do. JX and WL faster come home la! I want DotA!!!!
Damn man! I should go and study la!
I'm so freaking lazy! WHY???
How can i cure myself to bcome more hardworking??
Mid-course exam is coming soon around 1 months time.
I still suck at my accounts, damn but im still not doing a thing yet.
I'm still wasting time here bloggin!!!
Aih~ im a lausy bastard!!! lol!!

1:18 pm

Sunday, July 17, 2005

ok solve! don't ask me what happen!
settle already!
thanks for concerning!

10:30 pm

I'm a DUMBASS!!!! how could such thing come from my mouth? wtf?
Why did i say it? damn!!!! wtf is wrong with me???
How could i not trust myself and her???
go die la me!!! DULAN!!!! stupid samuel kam!!!
better go and die la!!!
fuck off samuel kam!!!

12:42 am

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm in shock mode now after what had happen. Today is my birthday, so my friends and I planned to go out and makan to celebrate my birthday! Plan to go 'Wai Chuen' at Sri Petaling to makan! Very blur la today me! Damn!!

First the yin mei go tell me she went back to hometown and not going with us makan but asked me to go to her house and get my present from her maid. Ok lor, go and get the present lor. What the? When i reach i see her cars all still at her house, then i start thinking 'Damn, i think i kena tricked!'. Nvm maybe she went with grandparents car, then call her and say that i reach lor. Deng! i see why the maid wearing shoes one?? WAH!! I KENA TRICK!! She also never go back. Then she got up the car with a apple pie and the '100 roller mouse' present. After that went and fetch Richard and yee way. I deng them why go bluff with yin mei. Dumb ass la me!!

After that we headed to Sri Petaling lor, on the way Sam Nee called me and wish me happy birthday, saying that i am legal to f**k, happy birthday not happy beerday, told me not to drink. LOL funny man him! Then we saw 1 Civic and 1 City, woah! JX, wai leong and yih shiou. The ys don't know doing what, simply go and turn wrong way, after that summore want to say that he like to waste petrol. (what the???) While finding parking we saw another Civic, sze hong is here! Then we waited outside of the restaurant for ming shiu and si liang to arrive but waited very long so decided to go in lor. While waiting for the 2 fella, we eat stupid kacangs. Damn so fast all gone! eat only few of it! The 2 fellas finally arrive, then they say it is time to give the present to me! Deng '100 roller mouse' wor, but i see the box also cant fit in 100 of the mouse la. So i don't care and just open it, after getting the first layer off i saw a renoma box with a paper on top 'your 100 roller mouse', i was thinking renoma mouse mer?or underwear? what the hell give me underwear? So i open the box, deng a lot of newspapers, don't even know how many layers man, thanks to yin mei la, wrap so many layers. Then finally i reach to a second box, WAH! a handphone box, i thought they giving me a hp and i say DENG!(not believing it) but then suddenly jx say inside still got 1 la, since opening so many layers, so i thought maybe need 1 more box or some papers to reach the optical mouse or roller mouse. I opened the box, deng! i saw the Sony Erricson guide book or what ever you call it. Damn this time confirm is they give a HP liao. What the hell man, i was like stunned few seconds and don't really know what to say. Suddenly whole body very hot! Deng! Sony Erricson t630 man! What orh? Unbelievable! Dreaming mer? Real 1 wor! deng! Feel damn happy but then also a bit not nice don't know why? 20 of them shared for the thing, kinda feel guilty. THANKS MY FRIENDS. Thank you Richard(he suggested this present), thank you Yee Way, thank you Jun Xiong, thank you Wai Leong, thank you Sze Hong, thank you Yih Shiou, thank you Si Liang, thank you Willaim, thank you Chin Ee, thank you Edward, thank you Wen Shen, thank you Yin Mei, thank you Ming Shiu, thank you Wan Wen, thank you Zhi Xin, thank you L.Wei Ling, thank you Abby, thank you Mel, thank you Suet Mei and last but not least thank you Pooi Yeen. THANKS FOR THE GIFT! Appreciate it a lot and may our friendship last forever man! I'm very happy to have all of you as my friends. THANKS!!

After dinner the bill they also don't let me pay, damn la. Everyone pay so much liao still want they all belanja me wor! More guilty la now. After dinner all of us guys except si liang went to a nearby cafe and play DotA. Long time never go and play DotA with so many friends already. Damn song!! This 18th birthday is the best birthday i ever celebrated since i was born until now.

1:50 am

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Around 40 more minutes to my birthday! I'm older once more! 18 years old already, officially legal to watch 18 sx, 18 pl, 18 bla bla bla movies already! No need to bluff those ticket counter ppl anymore. LOL =)

This year my friends make my birthday very grand, one of them 1 month ago already put nick and say my birthday coming soon. Now all of them have a display picture in msn with my name on it and a cake, ' man sui 18th sammy'. (Thanks to abby la this picture)

Weird man this year's birthday, macam some big name ppl's birthday. 20 more mins now.
My friends really treat me very good. Thanks everyone!

11:40 pm

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Boring!!! I spent whole day sitting in front of computer playing DotA, what a waste of time!!!! I got to study economics man but i'm still stuck here. I just don't really know why am I so lazy!

Stayed at home this whole weekend, YAY! Save money!! Its starting of the month but allowance have not been given!! Freaking poor!! I want to watch War of the Worlds!! I make sure next week im going to watch it. All those nice movie suddenly coming to cinema damn it! making me use money like water!

DAMN BORING!!!! Whole day play so many rounds of DotA, only 1 game manage to finish until the end, stupid streamyx got problem again! The ADSL service just suck, why can't they improve it. Luckily they are opening the broadband thingy to other ppl to give services and not be monopolised by stupid telekom, was happy when i read the news about it. BORING!!

I'm hungry now, dinner is not yet serve, arh! I think I better get my ass up and look for those notes to study! AS exam is coming soon! Why until now i still dun feel anything that makes me move to study! Don't really know wat to blog. Ciaoz!

7:28 pm

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