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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back after visiting my mom, she awake this time. Can talk to us already, not like yesterday ask us to go back. LOL =) A lot of people came and visit my mom, relatives and friends. She still cant get down from bed, but the doc asked her to move on the bed so got blood circulation. It's kinda bored in the hospital. I go there i also get bored liao, wonder how my mom survive the boredom there. LOL=)

3:43 pm

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My mom is alright, but she very tired after the operation. Maybe it is bcoz of the medicine that make her faint during the operation. Her face is so pale just now, my sis even say my mom's face look like a ghost. LOL =) going to visit her tmr in the morning again. Hope that my mom will be awake by then.

10:00 pm

Very hot and bored, exams is next week, I'm not ready yet. How? I still don't really know how to do my accounts. Damn!!! and im here wasting my studying time to blog!! LOL!! I hope that i can still finish my studies man. LOL!!!

The insurance company finally agreed to pay the fee for the operation for my mom. YAY!!! So early in the morning my dad fetch my mom to the hospital to get ready for her operatioon, there is a growth in her womb. Around 2 the operation started, i think it will be ending soon already. Hope everything goes well!! I will be going to visit her later after my dinner. Hope she is fine then!

5:27 pm

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm back to blog! Sick already! damn the weather and the haze and myself for not drinking enough water. Nose feeling very hot and eyes 24/7 tired already just woke up! damn!!! Stupid Indon! burn burn burn!!! and stupid wind blow the smoke over and cause haze here!! DAMN U!!!!!
lol im kinda like blaming those haze and weather for my sick when i dont really take care of myself lol!!!!

Hmm... seems that almost everyone in my class got involve with some problem. Read fyiona, thomas and way's blog. Thomas told me a lot last night, i not involve also got a bit involve d.. lol.. dont really know 100% what happen but then i think the bastard that did it should just admit it. Damn the bastard that is causing so much trouble! making everyone's life so screwed up now.

One more thing, yesterday night played DotA with my frens as usual. lol, one of our opponents was a asshole! Suddenly scold 1 of my friend on what he never do b4. When that opponent scolded my friend, i can imagine la that all my teammates was like wtf??-_- Don't know why he keep scolding us. Even scolded me for dying when 4 teammates was around me. WAH! i really let him zha dou kao kao!! Die also wrong??? lame!!! What kind of person is this??? hahaha!!! This is one of the morrons i met in DotA. lol.. Going to see the replay now and see what they say if i could.. lol!!

11:46 am

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