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Monday, November 26, 2007

Not really in the mood to study for this semester, its not only me. Its my whole group of friends. This sem is like a holiday sem, the leadership and business comm subject is like so boring and we are like so unmotivated to put any effort in it. ARGH! why o why???
COME ON, SAM!!!!! ITS TIME TO GO INTENSIVE STUDY MODE!!!! Your mood ain't no valid reason for you to be slacking around.

Here are some pics of me in formal wear for the presentation the other day.

I look kinda skinny and taller here. LOL

Get it straight already.. Damn u tie..

Whats this?? Richard took this while we were on our way back.

9:07 pm

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday (12/11/2007)

Something weird that happened today that I just could not understand. Today's class starts at 11, obviously by the time Richard and I reach the college's car park it is already filled with students double parking, triple parking or even quadruple parking there.

We waited for people to get down the bus and leave their car park space. Asked a dude and he said he was leaving. So I offered to fetch him to his car. Traded our parking ticket with him so he could get out of the car park for free. Richard and I kept looking for his car wondering would he make out in time but we kept seeing him turning round and round in the car park.

The weird thing that happened next is when we were half way through out lecture, the dude came in the class. I was like WTF? why is he here? Shouldn't he be driving home already. Richard and I was clueless on why did this fella gave us his parking space. Didn't get the chance to ask him because he needed to take the replacement quiz. JUST WEIRD!

Today (14/11/2007)
What a waste of time, just went to college for 2 hours and come back.The presentations today was like so confusing, don't know which style is really what the lecturer wanted. She didn't show any signs of disapproval. Though I feel mui gee's presentation meets what the requirements stated in our course outline.

I need to get started with my work (assignment, ym's accounting revision, presentation). Better start warming up my lunch. Ciao till the next time. =)

11:50 am

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