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Monday, June 27, 2005

Here i come again! damn jx never wait for me to DotA, im freaking tired now after a day of study (as if i learn anything la). I'm so tired bcoz of yesterday damn!

Today, whole journey to college i just read those maths notes coz got quiz today, when can i start studying and don't make last minute revisions? AS level examination is coming soon duriong Oct, IM SO DEAD!! Quiz was freaking easy but i still can make some stupid mistakes, was so boring in college today 2 hours of break and it was not together, 1 hour we went for lunch another we slept at the round table, damn lame sleeping at those place that ppl usually do discussion LOL =p. Weekdays are usually very boring, go college, come back, online thats all(Not studying, wth?). Nth much interesting to write about for today. I think that's all la.

Sunday, woke up early and went to church, after church called Richard to come and pick me up, going SP again! This time going there for hair cut and going to dye my hair, read last post la lazy explain. Reach there at 1315, went to the place to get registered for hair cut and dye! what the hell, hair cut last call was at 1300 damn it!! so yw and i just go for the dye! Richard's hair was already coloured. They say we need to wait 2 hours until our turn, so we went to have lunch at Kenny Rogers. Hang around at SP, damn boring man in SP when u have nth to do, go arcade center but those RM1 coins dropping in those slots like water flowing only, mm tim la like that, so get out of that place! walk around again! After 2 hours we came back, deng number 310 only, our number is 334 and 337. We booked Batman Begins tickets for 1745 ler, damn surely cant make it already coz it was like 1540 already. Richard damn dulan already and say go Starbucks minum (damn rich ass la this RICHard) but then b4 that ym and i went to check what number will be next for the hair colour, when i walk pass i hear 332, finally its going to be our turn soon, we waited there, suddenly the number they called for was over our numbers. WHAT THE HELL? yw and I go and quarrel with that fella saying that why our numbers have not been called, damn him, he said he used the mic to call out those number, wth? i was there all the while but i never hear my number being called. It was already 1640, damn dulan already waited so long but after that it was our turns already. I wanted to dye brownish red but the effect came out was like total red? damn i don't really like it la. Yee Way's hair colour nicer a lot la. Damn that guy that did it for me. It was already 1900 when we finish, yw and I went and try to get the 2000 Batman movie, we manage to get it and it was very nice seats. lol =p Woah! Batman was nice la, those that havent watch must watch! I like when Batman glides in the air, so different from last time. 2230 only end that movie and we went back home, ym fetched richard, yw and me back. haha, a gurl fetch 3 guys back. So weird. Went to bed after taking bath.

10:29 pm

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ok, this is my 1st blog. Suddenly it seems that all of my friends are in to blogging, so decided to join them and im so freaking free now. Blogging fever is the new disease around these days, is 'deadly' be carefull!

Ok, talk about what happen today. 1100 'I love you baby~~~'(hp ringtone =p) as usual Richard will call, is either ask me to go out or to play DotA. He asked me to go ss15 'ta kei', ok lor i told him but then went back to bed, hahahaha! 1130 only wake up, doesn't make any diff still a bit tired. Around 1215 got on to the car (yawn~ bored of driving) , who ask me to stay so far, no one so free come pick me up. Plans changed straight away going to SP for Initial D movie at 1515(go so early don't know for wat), on the way there ' I love you baby~~', Richard again call me to fetch him up at ym's place cause is Volks giving out some smell, petrol going down again, sure get mumbling from my mom again! Who call im his good friend, so no choice. Damn song on the way there listening to Initial D soundtracks (anime), driving mood also diff a bit. LOL ok reach already and everyone hop in and off we went to SP. At a traffic light a lorry driver gave some hand signal's to yw. Oh no!! tyre punctured!! ARH!! went to a nearby petrol station and change to the spare one. 2 weeks ago my dad just change the tyre, its a brand new 1 damn!!! Stupid fella that put the nail in the middle of the road. CURSE HIM!!!(or her lol)

Ok off the road! after getting down the car most important thing to do CURE STOMACH! ate KFC lor, X meal sucks la, don't even think of trying la. Walk around in SP since still early, saw some charity thingy, hair cut RM 10, dye hair rm 45. Ok this is quite cheap, so we decided to come tmr to get hair cut and maybe dye the hair! Then went and bought mom her birthday present, finally 1500 went to the cinema to meet with wai leong. 1515 went in cinema, saw that jx sneaking around and went into the toilet (he came with a gurl) all 4 of us guys, richard, yw, wl and me went in and bash him up in the toilet!! LOL no la just crapping! just went in the toilet and then followed him, he also came to watch Initial D, damn i tot we are going in the same cinema, his is number 1 and mine is 2, damn failed to see will he do with that gurl in the cinema. Ok Initial D was not bad, it is very funny in some ways but what the hell?? The movie is totally different from what the mangga or anime is. I keep complaining to Richard and yw that how can they change until so big diff? only part that is the same is the Takumi and Mogi going to the beach! Nvm i hope the next episode of Initial D movie that would not change so much from the mangga. After the movie i waited outside cinema 1 to see the gurl that came with jx! hahaha! finally i get to see who is she! After following jx until a&w then i went to carpark and fetch those 3 niggas to old town, damn lame la.. driving below 80km/h it is so not me, with this speed it was a long long long long long journey back home! went to the workshop and get the stupid tyre fixed, damn the tyre break already! need to get a new 1 RM140 again! what the hell?? in 2 weeks i made my parents pay RM280, stupid tyres so freaking expensive!

That's all la today! now freaking free until i started this blog lor! 2325 already! Not bad for my 1st blog. lol =p

2:33 pm

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