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Monday, August 27, 2007

I left this blog untouched again. Was too busy with assignments and presentations. Finals is next Wednesday, would be leaving this place untouched again. LOL. DAMN i still have not change the settings of the skin. Will do it after finals, lazy now. HAHA

Just some updates la, after the rush of assignments and presentations i fell sick. Due to no sufficient rest and insufficient of water supply. Cured after a real good rest and thanks to yee way's mom, the medicine worked after the rest. Thanks for the vitamin Cs as well. LOL got a 1 week supply of Vit C from his mom. Wohoo! Healthy for a week!!! HAHAHA!

No class today la! Semester has ended, consider this as study break la or free and easy like my acct lecturer said. LOL. But what am i doing here? i should be studying man! too hungry will study after lunch.

Here are some photo of me working in PC fair for iZZi. Heard of this brand? its a new broadband service. Wireless connection, kinda cool for those who travel around town, you could stay connected everywhere you go. Though its still wireless =)Their shirt are kinda nice thou. Compared to other booths shirts.LOL

Way, you beh song what?

Way, wai again! haha

Group Pic!

11:32 am

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